What's been going wrong?

Anything you do requires all of you – it's all connected!  Did you know more than 600 muscles throughout your body are continually adjusting to try to create balance, power and accurate, efficient movement of more than 200 bones, all controlled by your amazing brain and nervous system!?

Unfortunately, after injury, surgery, recurrent stress or poor movements and postures related to everyday life or your sport, your brain alters the patterns of muscle recruitment throughout your body.  It "forgets" there are other possibilities. These new patterns challenge muscles to work in a way in which they were not primarily designed, creating:

  • tension
  • restricted flexibility
  • reduced muscle power
  • poor alignment
  • impaired function
  • pain
  • and all often felt far from the initial problem

Muscle Activation - with "Be Activated"

Muscle activation increases strength, flexibility and quality of movement, modifying deeply ingrained patterns of movement dysfunction, many of which we are probably unaware exist. You should feel tension release, pain lessen, and sports performance improve, and by diminishing localised compensatory muscle tension, your risk of injury can reduce. 

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Chronic Pain Recovery - with SIRPA UK

All pain is real but pain does not need bodily ‘injury’ for it to occur and/or remain.  Treatment focuses on actual recovery from pain, using an educational, evidence-based and self-empowering approach.  Education, emotions, behaviour and lifestyle all play a significant role in resolving chronic pain.  Read more on pain Recovery

Soft Tissue Techniques, Massage & Taping

Injury and immobility create changes in our soft tissues.  Our bodies and its structures are made of living tissue and are forever adapting to the environment in which they exist.  During treatment we may find palpable areas of thickening and restriction, which can be improved and released with various techniques.

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Exercise Therapy

To consolidate your treatment, by designing exercises to encourage an increase in range of movement, specific muscle strength and/or movement patterns, exercises are often prescribed to continue at home. This will further promote your recovery and help reduce the risk of injury in the future.

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As an adjunct to therapy, especially with recent injury, we may use electrotherapy to gain the most therapeutic effect: encourage healing, modify pain or aid muscle activity.  “Used at the right place, at the right time for the right reason, it has the phenomenal capacity to be effective.” Professor Tim Watson, world lead on all things electrotherapy!

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Why Choose PhysioConnect?

  • Fully qualified, chartered physiotherapist
  • Over 20 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • SIRPA UK trained practitioner - specialists in chronic pain recovery
  • UK practitioner of Be Activated muscle activation
  • Treatments built on groundbreaking clinical evidence and research from across the globe
  • Friendly, positive and passionate about improving your quality of life
  • Free onsite parking

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