Soft Tissue Techniques, Massage & Taping

To compliment muscle activation and chronic pain recovery, or as stand-alone techniques, a variety of other manual skills may be offered including massage, myofascial release, trigger point work, joint mobilisations and kinesiology taping.

Massage, both gentle and deep tissue/sports masssage, can have very positive effects on your muscle tone, restricted fascia (tight connective tissue) and your joint flexibility, encouraging blood flow, lymphatic drainage and hence improving local healing properties. As a result, your muscles and joints will move more freely, your function improve and any raised feelings of stress may lessen.

Myofascial Release is a hands-on treatment method that creates slow, sustained pressures across your skin and the soft tissues below, causing your underlying fascia to alter its state and regain its flexibility and hydration. A bit like heating up custard, it becomes more runny! Your body is therefore freed to move more easily, comfortably and achieve better posture and function.

Trigger points are exquisitely tender points that can sometimes be found throughout the body within taut muscles and which can be quickly alleviated with manual pressure followed by a gentle stretch. This allows the muscle to recover and regain length and strength and thereafter function better.

Joint Mobilisations are manual techniques that encourage joints to regain their natural glide and slide.  Through injury, degenerative change, surgery and movement & posture dysfunction, joints both in your spine and limbs can become stiff, and hence affect your ability to move well and comfortably.  Joint mobilisations help improve the overall range and ease of joint movement, alleviating pain and reducing excess muscle tone.

Kinesiology/Dynamic taping is a helpful addition to assist and support soft tissues whilst they heal and regain full function.  It is also used to facilitate a muscle's specific activity within a larger muscle group.  The special elastic properties immediately allow you to feel reinforced and comfortable. The 4-way stretch of Dynamic Tape comes with a unique Aboriginal art design making it popular to wear, especially with the youngsters!

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