Muscle Activation

This incredible therapy, using specific manual techniques, stimulates muscle recruitment, and hence strength, flexibility, endurance and balance throughout the body quickly and measurably improve.

The brain is reminded and the body feels how it can once again move more efficiently, returning the body towards its maximum movement potential and strength, correcting abnormal loads on the joints and tissues, allowing healing to occur post injury, and pain and stiffness to settle. It is also an excellent tool for stress management. 

Be Activated muscle activation has been developed over the last decade or so by the pioneering South African physiotherapist, Douglas Heel.  This remarkable treatment process is used successfully around the world on people with all levels of function, fitness and age, from an older person hoping to walk more comfortably to our top performing young Olympians.

Muscle Activation What to expect:

On booking an appointment you will be directed to complete a medical questionnaire to bring with you on your first visit. At the initial 90-minute session we will discuss your problem, history and goals and begin to work through assessing and activating each major muscle group in your body.  Muscle activation involves deep manual stimulation to specific soft tissue points each for approximately 20-30 seconds. Muscle strength or flexibility is measured and compared either side of every technique.

Follow up sessions continue this process and usually last an hour.  Everyone has a different rate of recovery depending on various factors, including an understanding of the mind-body connection, the severity and chronicity of the problem, and your commitment to the advice and exercises/techniques prescribed!  Some people find they need 3-4 sessions while others may take 10-12. 

Most clients commit themselves initially to 3 to 6 sessions, usually on a once or twice weekly basis, and find this produces a significant positive change.

In the long term, some clients choose to have monthly top ups, but muscle activation is a great treatment technique you can easily learn to do on yourself at home or prior to activity and sport.  During your assessment we will have found the points most relevant to you as your strength & flexibility measurably and immediately changed.  These points will be noted down for you to take home.

After activation clients report feeling: loose, light, relaxed, so much stronger, rebooted, open, de-stressed, solid, pain-free, able to fully breathe, everything is clearer or even that you could beat a charging bull!   You feel better, you move better…mind and body.  Please be aware when planning your first appointment or two, you may well feel quite tired after the session as well.

You can find more fascinating information, including articles on this method and other enlightening testimonials from around the world, at

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