Exercise Therapy

To optimize your recovery from injury and symptoms, I may also provide a series of exercises to further help your strength, movement patterns, balance, co-ordination, posture and pain.  If you have been working with me on your muscle activation, any exercises prescribed will help consolidate the beneficial effects of activation.

Exercises may be prescribed and learned in the clinic as part of your treatment session, or prescribed and emailed to you afterwards for practice at home and for review at your next appointment.

I subscribe to an easy to use on-line exercise prescription software tool eg www.rehabmypatient.com 

Stunning exercise Therapy plans

This hosts thousands of exercise photos and videos, a few of which I customize to your needs to create a “stunning exercise plan” for you.  This is usually emailed to you so that you can access your personal plan from various devices, or print them off.

To find out more about PhysioConnect or to arrange a consultation, call 07979 852519 or email [email protected]

Why Choose PhysioConnect?

  • Fully qualified, chartered physiotherapist
  • Over 20 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • SIRPA UK trained practitioner - specialists in chronic pain recovery
  • UK practitioner of Be Activated muscle activation
  • Treatments built on groundbreaking clinical evidence and research from across the globe
  • Friendly, positive and passionate about improving your quality of life
  • Free onsite parking

To find out more about PhysioConnect or to arrange a consultation, call us on 07979 852519 or get in touch via the links below