Chronic Pain Recovery

with SIRPA UK and beyond

Resolve your persistent pain with this effective, cutting-edge approach.  If your pain has been present for more than 3 months and has not been attributed to a physically damaging condition such as a cancer or an autoimmune disease and conventional medicine has not been able to help, then it is possible to teach you the tools with which to recover.

There is a widespread misbelief that pain must have a physical cause.  Much academic research in recent years has taught us that it is often past and present life stresses and emotional trauma that are behind our long-term/chronic pain. 

Even if you have been told in the past that you have some degeneration/osteoarthritis or disc problems in your joints or back from X-ray or scans, we now know these changes are unlikely to be the cause of your pain. 

We now understand that the subconscious brain produces pain (even without bodily damage) as a way of protecting us from perceived danger or as a way of distracting us from ‘even more painful’, unresolved emotional turmoil.

Chronic Pain is maintained unconsciously by the brain and nervous system, and nerve pathways that produce pain can become learned and a conditioned response to certain movements, activity or even a thought. With this approach, it is possible to re-programme the brain and change the nerve pathways by using conscious strategies.  You can recover, no matter how severe or long standing the chronic pain.

Georgie Oldfield, Chartered Physiotherapist, was the first health professional in Europe to develop this particular ground-breaking specialism. With such positive life-changing results she was impelled to train others to help the much wider population. As a fully trained member of SIRPA UK, the organisation that Georgie set up to train other practitioners, I can now help you learn the skills and provide the support you may need in your journey to recovery. 

Chronic Pain Recovery: What to expect:

Before you book your first appointment, please call me on 07979 852519 or email me on [email protected] to arrange a free 10-minute telephone consultation to discuss your symptoms.  If I feel I can help, I will then email you an in-depth assessment form for you to carefully consider & complete in private before returning to her ahead of your first visit.

At your first 90-minute consultation, in full confidentiality, we will start to work through and discuss your assessment form. Various factors may be identified that are likely to be contributing to your long-term symptoms.  Different cognitive strategies, behaviours and lifestyle changes may be recommended for you to practise at home on a regular basis.

You may well have some light-bulb moments as you realise and acknowledge how certain elements from your past and present life are subconsciously having a major influence on your symptoms today.  Further helpful documentation may be emailed to you to help you on your recovery journey, together with suggestions for further reading.

Sufficient length between follow up appointments is recommended so that you have plenty of time for consideration, learning and to start to put in to practise your new skills.  It is suggested that each meeting should be for 75-90 minutes so that you have the time to discuss and deliberate the variety of life-factors that have been discovered and need addressing. 

However, if you prefer, a shorter 60-minute appointment may be booked.

If you would like to view a summary of some of the research behind this approach, please look at the infographic from SIRPA UK at

You can find more detailed information about this whole approach, including enlightening testimonials from Georgie’s work and helpful products, at

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