About Catherine

Catherine Pollitt qualified Chartered Physiotherapist in 1992 and has a wealth of experience dealing with patients in NHS & private sectorsAs a Chartered Physiotherapist, I thoroughly enjoy running my busy clinic, PhysioConnect, in Durley, Hampshire.

With over 20 years of experience and an ongoing deep interest in the complexities of human pain and movement, I offer two stand-out approaches from which I have seen incredible, sometimes life-changing results.  

Developed from clinical evidence and academic research, both have lead me to profoundly change the way in which I practise physiotherapy.  There are few physios who specialise in either of these two dynamic techniques:

The Be Activated approach is a treatment concept built on muscle activation.   Amazing, immediate and measurable transformations in people’s muscle strength, function, flexibility and pain occur, and I am delighted to have seen the positive changes this manual technique has made to people’s lives, eg helping resolve an 11-year history of back pain & stiffness in just a few weeks, and increasing an older client’s energy and physical performance so much he swiftly felt able to keep up with other workers many years younger.

Be Activated acknowledges the deep influence the mind has on our body’s physiology, especially stressful experiences both in our past and present.

This mind-body link led me to read about the work of Georgie Oldfield from within the huge amount of recent research on pain.  Georgie, also a Chartered Physiotherapist, had trained with a ground-breaking doctor in the United States, Dr Sarno, who had realised the huge effect experiences & emotions, both past and present, have on our current day pain, especially persistent/chronic pain.

Dr Sarno had cured 1000s of chronic pain patients throughout his career. SIRPA UK is Georgie’s organisation that has brought the work of Dr Sarno and his American colleagues to the UK and Europe. No matter how severe or long-standing chronic pain has been present, their methods have shown that full recovery is possible.

Following my training with SIRPA UK and an extended wealth of knowledge, I also offer this service and provide all my clients with a much deeper understanding of the psychological and indeed emotional aspects to their injuries, pain and/or performance, and teach them the additional skills to recover.

Chartered Physiotherapist - Southampton

I originally qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1992 from St Thomas' Hospital in London and gained invaluable experience and knowledge over the years both as a senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist in the NHS and then in private practice from 2001. 

I am committed to clinical excellence and professional development, and in recent years have undertaken a substantial amount of inspiring postgraduate training with many leading physiotherapists from around the globe. In 2015 I set up PhysioConnect.

To find out more about PhysioConnect or to arrange a consultation, call 07979 852519 or email [email protected]

Physiotherapist - Catherine Pollitt -PhysioConnect treatment room Physiotherapist - Catherine Pollitt -PhysioConnect treatment room Physiotherapist - Catherine Pollitt -PhysioConnect treatment room

Why Choose PhysioConnect?

  • Fully qualified, chartered physiotherapist
  • Over 20 years of experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • SIRPA UK trained practitioner - specialists in chronic pain recovery
  • UK practitioner of Be Activated muscle activation
  • Treatments built on groundbreaking clinical evidence and research from across the globe
  • Friendly, positive and passionate about improving your quality of life
  • Free onsite parking

To find out more about PhysioConnect or to arrange a consultation, call us on 07979 852519 or get in touch via the links below