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Specialist Physiotherapy in Muscle Activation and Chronic Pain Recovery

Feel better, move better… mind & body

A warm welcome to PhysioConnect Durley on the outskirts of Southampton and Winchester where specialist physiotherapy can help you feel great!

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Relieve pain & stiffness
Optimise recovery from injury
Increase strength & flexibility
Improve exercise and sporting performance
Activate core muscles and improve posture
Increase energy levels and resilience to stress
Diminish the risk of injury

Muscle Activation

With Be Activated
The effects of this therapy are quite incredible. Treatment improves strength & flexibility measurably and quickly, and is suitable for all levels of function, fitness, sport and age. “Feel the change, feel the difference!”

The results are often dramatic and are accompanied by a release of tension & pain, and an improvement in movement, balance, physical performance & posture.

Muscle activation uses simple, brief manual techniques on specific locations throughout the body.  It effectively stimulates better neuromuscular recruitment: more of the connections between the brain and the muscle activate more fibres of each muscle. Better automatic patterns of stronger movement result, dispersing compensatory tightness and strain.

This remarkable technique also has a calming effect on our fight & flight system, and many people experience a welcome increase in energy and a greater resilience to stress.

“It is amazing what the body can do when you do the right thing. And when you find that right thing, the results are incredible, immediate and measurable.”
Douglas Heel, physiotherapist & founder of Be Activated

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Chronic Pain Recovery

Resolve your persistent pain and regain your life with this cutting-edge therapy, effective for many conditions, including Fibromyalgia & persistent back pain.

Chronic Pain is the term given to pain that has been present for more than 3 months and has not been attributed to a physically damaging condition by your doctors such as an autoimmune disease or cancer.

All pain is real, but most cases of persistent pain are now known to be caused by learned nerve pathways, and not due to something being structurally wrong. You can re-programme the brain and nerve pathways and you can recover.

Past & present experiences, beliefs, behaviours and lifestyle are likely to be playing a significant role in your ongoing pain.  This approach identifies those factors & brings together a variety of evidence-based practices and cognitive skills that you learn and continue at home on your journey towards recovery.

“Because the nerve pathways involved in chronic pain are reversible, full recovery is possible…“
Georgie Oldfield, physiotherapist & founder of SIRPA UK

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For a whole range of conditions, including

  • Back pain 
  • Neck pain                                       
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee pain
  • Foot pain
  • Sciatica & referred arm pain
  • Feeling of restricted movement
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains & strains to joints, ligaments and muscles:
    eg spine, ankle, knee, calf, hamstring & groin
  • Tendinopathies:
    eg Achilles, Tennis & Golfers’ Elbow, ‘Plantarfasciitis’
  • Work related disorders: eg “RSI”
  • Whiplash Associated Disorders

And, importantly

  • Improving physical performance in sport & exercise
  • Injury prevention
  • Stress management
Positive changes PhysioConnect’s approach is unique in offering both these specialised therapies, and the longer treatment sessions of 60-90 minutes provide the best outcomes for clients.  Whether we focus on muscle activation & physical techniques, or chronic pain recovery & cognitive techniques, we address the whole individual and undertake an ongoing assessment and treatment process, identifying & reducing the deeper factors, compensations & habits that are likely to be triggering your problems or holding you back from achieving your potential.

Thoughts and beliefs, both conscious & subconscious, have a massive impact on our body’s physiology, strength and pain.  We are often unaware of how much stress we ‘hold’ or how tense and awkward our movements have become, until they are released.  Thankfully, both the body and mind have an amazing capacity to adapt and change, and often surprisingly quickly.

Whether your goal is to recover from pain, maximise speed of recovery from injury, enhance your athletic performance in your sport or to simply be able to comfortably and safely rise from a chair and walk, PhysioConnect can help.

 “Whatever is in the mind is in the body… Whatever is in the body is in the mind.”
Douglas Heel, Be Activated

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PhysioConnect Durley

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With over 20 years of experience and an ongoing deep interest in the complexities of human pain and movement, I offer two stand-out approaches from which I have seen incredible, sometimes life-changing results.

Developed from clinical evidence and academic research, both have lead me to profoundly change the way in which I practise physiotherapy.  I am one of few physios in the country who specialises in this combination of dynamic techniques: 

  • Muscle Activation
  • Chronic Pain Recovery with SIRPA UK
  • Soft Tissue Techniques
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Electrotherapy